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It’s Movie Time

5 Filme, 5 Themen

Die Europäische Union hat 5 tolle Kurzfilme zu 5 Themen produziert. Schau rein!

Debut by Dalibor Matanić (Rights)

A young farmer dreams of becoming a football star. But before pursuing his ambition on the pitch, he must face the truth about who he really is.

Oona by Zaida Bergroth (Sustainability)

After becoming lost in a dense forest, a young girl must rely on the assistance of an unlikely friend to find her way home.

Party Animal by Yorgos Zous (Skills & Business)

Alex will do anything he can to keep dancing. Finding himself trapped in a restrictive job, he’s suddenly hit by a spark of inspiration.

The Living Hostel by Matthias Hoene (Mobility)

An elderly lady dreams of travelling across Europe. Her grandchildren begin raising the money for her adventure, but their plan has unexpected results.

The Loner by Tomasz Konecki (Digital)

A man of the wilderness, Jan lives alone in the mountains. But when destiny comes knocking on his door, he must devise a plan in order to follow his heart.


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